Tirex has developed and owns the technology that is a U.S. patented, semi-cryogenic tire recycling process, known as the TCS System. It is environmentally friendly, economically viable (even without tipping fees), and reduces scrap tires into -5 to “30 mesh (or finer) clean crumb rubber with a uniquely smooth morphology and saleable, intact steel wire and fiber. Tirex's proprietary process, that doesn't use liquid nitrogen, freezes the rubber and then passes it through it's patented fracturing mill which breaks the rubber apart, instead of cutting it, exposing the whole strands of steel and fiber, and leaving a value added crumb rubber that is best suited for extrusion molding recycled rubber products and higher end performance surfaces.

Tirex's full scale TCS prototype was accredited by Recycle Quebec in Montreal.

Tirex management welcomes all governments, companies and investors interested in our business of bringing to market what we believe is the most economically viable and environmentally friendly tire recycling process in the industry.

Note From the President:
"Please be advised that the Company will only distribute material news to the public through an SEC filing that may or may not be accompanied with a news release. Consistent with this Company policy, the Company will not publicly disseminate any information pertaining to any negotiations to commercialize its technology."

Safe Harbor Statement:
Certain statements made in this release may contain language describing the plans, goals, strategies, intentions, forecasts and expectations of The Tirex Corporation that may be referred to as "forward-looking statements." Several important factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements, and Tirex could encounter unanticipated obstacles and delays in developing products, service offerings and markets.

President, John L. Threshie Jr, was invited to the Capitol Friday in Hartford to introduce the TCS technology to Chairman Senator Kennedy of the Environment Committee in support of Bill HB 5149. The committee and my hostess, Rep. Gail Lavielle, are in support of next steps in front of the Economics Development Committee. The time is now to bring new, green, economically viable tire recycling technology to Connecticut.

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